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about us


 We cover most areas of translations and you can rest assured that we will only  take on what we can cope with in regards to competency and time frame. As a  member of AUSIT (Australian Institute of Interpreters and Translators) we work  according to the  AUSIT code of ethics.

 We have listed a few examples of our services:

  • General correspondence
  • Product brochures and manuals
  • Web pages
  • Localisation
  • Business documents and contracts
  • Technical documents and specifications
  • Legal documents
  • Certificates (certified)
  • Proofreading

 By using the services of www.austogerman.com you will have access to a team of  professional and qualified English - German translators (all NAATI accredited) and  will be dealing directly with me, Ruth Wye, on all your projects.